DISC Playing Card


Playing Cards can be used as traditional playing cards or can also be used for DISC specific games. Challenge yourself to find new ways to integrate the playing cards into training and group activities to help promote the language of DISC!

  • Suits are D – I – S – C
  • Card have: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue as well as Black and Red
  • Downloadable training exercises
  • Descriptors, Value to the Org, Do’s and Don’ts – High to low Standard
  • 52 card deck
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This attractive, colorful DISC desk plate brings the DISC language alive in your office. Individuals can proudly display their own DISC behavior style on their desk by arranging the letter from left to right, from their highest plotting point to their lowest on the DISC graph. When a colleague enters their office they can immediately see the style of the individual and then practice style flexibilty by adjusting their own style to communicate most effectively. Great take-away item for individuals completing a DISC session.

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